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The Function of Money Can Change Someone's Life

If you think that money is what can change your life, then maybe you are right, or maybe not. It depends on how you treat money in your life.

the function of money is very important in life
Surely money is very important in life. Without money, then you can not buy anything. No money, then you can not pay anything. But without money does not mean you can not have something. Not having money does not mean that you can not get anything.
Negative and Positive Side of Money?
Because of the importance of money, then when a person does not have money, then the person can experience confusion, stress, depression, upset, poor, bad mood, feel unhappy, and other uncomfortable conditions.

From the negative side, money can make a person who does not have faith to be greedy, become a corruptor, fancy life in pride and wealth, etc. In the other worst case (by not having money), it can make a person who does not have faith will desperately steal, rob, and do many other crimes.

From the positive side, by having money, it can make someone who has faith to always give thanks to Allah, worship with charity, help others, and do various other positive deeds. In the worst condition, money can make a believer train his patience, keep istiqomah (steadfastness) in worship and search for sustenance, willing to pray and always submitting to Allah (tawakkal).

Money Can Change Someone's Life
So the truth that may be about money is, indeed money can change your life for the better, be a person who is always grateful and patient. Conversely, money can also make yourself a bad person.

Apart from all of the above, the function of money is none other than as a medium of exchange used at the time you make the process of buying and selling transactions and any payment. In addition, it can also be used as a means to charity, help others who are in distress, and perform various other positive actions.

لو تفكر ان الفلوس هي اللي ممكن تغيرلك حياتك ،ثم معاك حق أو ربما لا
اعتمادا على كيفية التعامل مع الفلوس في حياتك

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